File Search

1. File Search

[Figure 1. File Search]

Figure 1. File Search

1 File Search
Click ‘File Search’ tab button in the main view of the web folder in order to search file. If you want to go back to the main view of the web folder, click ‘View Folder’ tab.
2 Deactivate Main Menu of the Web Folder
In the state of the file search, ‘Upload’ button, ‘New’ button and ‘Delete’ button in the Main Page of the web folder will be deactivated. This means that user can’t upload, create folder, or delete in this state.
3 Search
After entering a value that you want to search into the input box, in order to search, press ‘Enter’ key in a state of focusing or click Search button on the right side of the input box.
4 Activate Pop-up Menu
In the state of file search, ‘Down’, ‘Check Virus’, and ‘Mail’ properties will be activated.