Download Files

1. Download Files from the Internet Explorer

[Figure 1. Main Page of Download Files using the Internet Explorer]

Figure 1. Main Page of Download Files using the Internet Explorer

1 Select Files That wanted to Download
In the file list, user can select files. He/She can also select several files at the same time by using ‘Shift’ or ‘Ctrl’ keys.
2 Download
After selecting files, click on ‘Download’ button on the main menu of webfolder. Or select ‘File Download’ on the pop-up menu that opened by clicking on the right mouse button.
3 Select Folder that Wanted to Download
In user’s PC, he/she can select folder that wanted to download files.
4 Download Window of Files
[Figure 2. Download Window of Files using Internet Explorer]

Figure 2. Download Window of Files using Internet Explorer

ⓐ Location
This shows the location of folder, which the files will be downloaded to.
ⓑ List of Files
This shows the list of files which will be downloaded. On the bottom of the list, the user can notice the number of files, total size of the files, and the capacity of the user's webfolder.
ⓒ Delete Files
In ⓑ, user can click on the check box of files that wanted to be deleted. Then click on ‘Delete’ button to delete them.
ⓓ Progressing Status of Download
This shows the file information and progressing status that are currently under progressing of download.
ⓔ Start or Cancel
‘Start’ button allows user to start download of files. User can cancel download of files by clicking ‘Cancel’ button.

2. File Download from FireFox or other browsers

1 Download Files
FireFox and other browsers only support download of a single file. If user clicks on ‘Download’ button, a window that allows user to select file that wanted to download will be opened. In this window, select folder that wanted to download, and click on ‘Save’ button to continue to download files.