Send SMS

1. Compose Information and Send SMS

On the main window as shown below, you can enter phone number of contacts and a message to send SMS message.

[Figure 1. Main Window of SMS Sending]

Figure 1. Main Window of SMS Sending

1 Compose Message
Compose a message you want to send. Although you use the content of emoticons as shown in 4 on the right side of the main window, you can still compose the message. If you clicks on ⓓ- ‘Rewriting’ or ⓔ- ‘Clear’ button, you can clear the message entered.
2 Add or Delete Contacts
By using ⓕ-'Contacts' button, you can add the existing users registered to ‘To’ list. Or you can add a recipient to ‘To’ list by clicking on ‘+’ after entering mobile phone number. On the recipient list, you can add a recipient’s mobile phone number, modify it, or delete it by using ‘x’.
3 Scheduling and Repetition Setting
You can schedule a message for later delivery by selecting ‘Transport Options’. If you check ‘Repeat’ box, you can repeatedly send the message at 1-, 5-, 10-, or 30-minute intervals.
4 Emoticon
CrediMail V5.0 provides several emoticons which are frequently used when sending SMS.
ⓐ Search
It allows you to search for emoticons. The offered emoticons are divided into two types – Normal or Business. You can search for the emoticons by subject and message.
ⓑ List
You can also search for emoticons by the type of emoticons. Choose ‘Normal’ or ‘Business’, and select the relevant category in order to search for specific emoticons.
ⓒ Apply Emoticons
If you click on a specific emoticon in the list, the selected emoticon will be entered into the sending message window.
5 Send Message
After you complete entering all information, click on ‘Send’ button to send the message.

2. Address Book

When composing SMS, it allows you not only to enter the contact’s phone number directly, but also to select the phone number from address book. The processes of registering and managing the address book are same as email address book. If you want to use the address book, click on ⓒ in SMS main window as illustrated in figure 1.

[Figure 2. SMS Address Book and Editing Screen]

Figure 2. SMS Address Book and Editing Screen

1 SMS Address Book
You can search for any user, who was registered in address book, by name, email address, or phone number.
2 Select Phone Number
Select any user from address book and click on ‘OK’ button to add the phone number to ‘To’ list.
3 Edit Address Book
If you click on ‘Edit Contact’ button for the selected user, ‘Modify Address Book’ screen will be shown to allow you to edit address book.

3. Confirm SMS Sent

You can add contacts which are frequently used.

[Figure 3. SMS Confirmation Window Sent]

Figure 3. SMS Confirmation Window Sent

1 Add Contact
If you want to add a contact to address book, select phone number from the screen and click on ‘Add Contact’ button.