Spam Protection

1. Main Page of Anti-Spam

This feature filters out unnecessary spam mails by stages.

[Figure 1. Main Page of Anti-Spam]

Figure 1. Main Page of Anti-Spam

1 Basic Preference Settings
User can basically filter out the spam mails by setting this field.
[Figure 2. Basic Preference Settings]

Figure 2. Basic Settings

ⓐ High :
Every mail that has probability of spam will be filtered out.
ⓑ Normal :
Most of the advertising and marketing mails will be filtered out.
ⓒ Low :
Only if obviously classified as spam, the mail will be filtered out.
ⓓ Do Not Use :
Although anti-spam function is off, ‘Added Config’ will be possible to be selected.
2 Added Config
[Figure 3. Added Config]

Figure 3. Added Config

ⓐ Mail Rules :
User can classify the mail as spam if the subject of it contains some specific words such as ‘Advertising’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Information’, ‘Adult’, and so on.
ⓑ Config the English Classification :
User can classify the mail as spam if both of subject and content are English.
3 OK or Cancel
ⓐ OK :
This button stores the information that user has set.
ⓑ Cancel :
If user clicks on this button, it will be moved to the main page of Preference, with no registration.