Forward Mail

1. Forward Mail

User can forward any received mails to other email address.

[Figure 1. Main Page of Forward Mail]

Figure 1. Main Page of Forward Mail

1 Registered Mail Counts and Save a Mail in My Mailbox
ⓐ Registered Mail Counts
Total count of the registered mail will be displayed. User can register it up to three.
ⓑ Save a Mail in My Mailbox
If user selects ‘Yes’, he/she can receive the mail into his/her folder.
2 Register Mail Address
[Figure 2. Register Mail Address]

Figure 2. Register Mail Address

After typing other mail address in the input field of ⓐ, click on ‘Add’ button. The mail address that typed in ‘Forward Mail Address’ field will be shown. User can delete it by clicking on ‘Delete’ button.
3 Choose Settings
This check box allows user to choose whether he/she wants to receive a mail into the registered mail. If user chooses ‘Do Not Use’, this ‘Forward Mail’ function won’t be adopted even though the mail address will be kept.
4 OK or Cancel
ⓐ OK :
This button stores the information that user has set.
ⓑ Cancel :
If user clicks on this button, it will be moved to the main page of Preference, with no registration.