Folder Management

1. Management Page of My Folders

If user clicks on ‘Admin’ buttons of folder and my folders, user can move to management page of folder, and manage folders with diverse functions.

[Figure 1. Main Page of Folder Management]

Figure 1. Main Page of Folder Management

1 Base Mailbox
It is a mailbox which is set in default. In this mailbox, it is unable to create sub-folder, edit or delete it.
2 Duration for Backup
[Figure 2. Duration for Backup]

Figure 2. Duration for Backup

If user clicks on ‘Backup Time Period’, setup table for backup will be shown as illustrated in figure 3. In this table, user can select the backup rule that wanted like ‘Configure Time Period’, ‘Backup Folder’, and ‘Delete Mail after Backup’. Then a pop-up window will be opened to download the file.
3 Personal Mailbox
A user can manage the mailbox that he/she personally created. After typing folder name that he/she wants to type in the input box, click on ‘Add’ button to add it to the list.
4 Management of Registered Mailbox
ⓐ Add User of Shared Folder
[Figure 3. Add User of Shared Folder]

Figure 3. Add User of Shared Folder

If a user clicks on ‘Share’ button on the right-side of each mailbox, a pop-up window as illustrated in Figure 3 will be shown. To add a shared account, enter user’s email address you’d like to share with and click on ‘Add’ button.
ⓑ Add Sub-folder
[Figure 4. Add Sub-folder]

Figure 4. Add Sub-folder

To add the sub-folder, click on ‘Add’ button on the right-side of each mailbox that you created personally, enter the sub-folder name, and click on ‘+’ button.
5 State of the Folder Usage and Duration of the Mail
ⓐ The Number of Mails
The number of mails in each folder will be displayed in the form of ‘Unread Mail’ and ‘Total’.
ⓑ Mail Size
The current size of each folder will be displayed.
ⓒ Duration
User can choose the duration of the mails from ‘Not Delete (excluding Trash)’, ‘10 days’, ’20 days’, ’30 days’, ’60 days’, ’90 days’, or ‘185 days (only for Inbox)’.
6 Admin Folders
ⓐ Clear
User can delete mails in the corresponding folder by clicking on ‘Clear’ button.
ⓑ Upload
By clicking on ‘Upload’ button, user can add the mails that wanted to upload to each folder.
It allows user to compress all of mails in the relevant mailbox to a zip file and download it. User can choose html or eml format.
7 OK or Cancel
ⓐ OK :
This button stores the information that user has set.
ⓑ Cancel :
If user clicks on this button, it will be moved to the main page of Preference, with no registration.