Message Classification

1. Main Page of Message Classification

The received mails will automatically be classified by the rule.

[Figure 1. Main page of Message Classification]

Figure 1. Main page of Message Classification

1 Add Rules
User can add new rules.
[Figure 2. Add Rules]

Figure 2. Add Rules

ⓐ Received in the Mail:
Allows user to define the filter condition with 'From', 'To', 'Cc', 'Subject', or 'In the Body'.
ⓑ Conditions:
Allows user to enter the filter value.
ⓒ Rule:
Allows user to select a filter rule such as 'Match Case', 'Begin With', 'End With', or 'Contains'.
ⓓ Folder:
Allows user to specify the folder which will be moved to when received mail matches with the registered rule.
ⓔ Save:
Allows user to classify received mail automatically.
2 Current Rules
This field shows the currently registered rules.
[Figure 3. Current Rules]

Figure 3. Current Rules

ⓐ Run Now:
This button allows user to classify the mails by the rule.
ⓑ Edit:
User can edit current rules.
ⓒ Delete:
User can delete current rules.
3 Cancel
If user clicks on this button, it will be moved to the main page of Preference, with no registration.