Main Window of Schedule

1. Main Window of Schedule

[Figure 1. Main Window of Schedule]

Figure 1. Main Window of Schedule

1 Search
ⓐ Quick Search :
It allows user to search for any schedule in this year which is matched with any group or any keyword.
ⓑ Detail Search :
A user can search for schedule by group, title, memo, tag, or period in detail.
2 Calendar
[Figure 2. Calendar]

Figure 2. Calendar

ⓐ Duration :
It shows the duration of the schedule that a user chooses. A user can move it by using arrow button.
ⓑ Today :
If a user selects this button, today’s schedule will be shown.
ⓒ Calendar View
Month – It displays schedule for the current month.
Week – It displays schedule for the current week.
Day – It displays schedule for a single day on hourly basis.
3 Print
A user can print the currently selected calendar or the search results.
4 Hide Groups
It folds or unfolds the right panel to allow a user to use a wider screen.
5 Create a New Schedule
[Figure 3. Create a New Schedule]

Figure 3. Create a New Schedule

ⓐ Title :
Enter the title which will be shown on the calendar.
ⓑ Group :
A user can select a group for a specific schedule. Each group will be shown in different color. Default is Basic Group.
ⓒ Period :
A user can set the period of the schedule. If he/she selects ‘All day’ or the period exceeds 24 hours, it will be shows with all-day schedule.
ⓓ Repetition :
A user can set to repeat a schedule every day, every week, every month, or every year. He/she can also specify when this schedule repeat will be finished.
ⓔ D-day :
If a user set a schedule to ‘D-day’, he/she can check how many days are left from now until then.
ⓕ Tag :
A user can assign tags which will be used for search and a comma(,) will be used to separate each tag.
ⓖ Memo :
A user can enter the description of the schedule.
6 D-day
It shows how many days are left and the title for a specific schedule which was defined as D-day. If a user clicks on it, the relevant date will be shown.
[Figure 4. D-day]

Figure 4. D-day

7 Mini Calendar
It briefly displays the schedule on a specific date. If a user clicks on a specific data, the daily calendar of the selected date will be shown.
[Figure 5. Mini Calendar]

Figure 5. Mini Calendar

8 Group Panel
In this area, the group list that user added will be displayed. If a user checks a specific group, it will be displayed on the calendar or disappeared.
[Figure 6. Group Panel]

Figure 6. Group Panel

ⓐ Add Group :
A user can simply add a new group, set group name and description, share it.
[Figure 7. Add Group]

Figure 7. Add Group

⑴ Group Name :
A user can define a group name and its color which will be shown on calendar.
⑵ Description :
A user can write description to explain the group.
⑶ Share :
Check the preference to share the group. Detail settings of group sharing can be done by using ‘Admin Shares’ or when changing the group.
⑷ OK/Cancel :
By clicking on these buttons, user can add a new group or cancel it.
ⓑ Admin Shares :
CrediMail provides the administration page to allow user to easily set the group shared.
[Figure 8. Admin Shares]

Figure 8. Admin Shares

⑴ My Shared Groups :
In this area, a user can select shared group which he/she wants to share the schedule with.
⑵ Select Users to Share :
If a user selects user group, user list of the relevant group will be shown, or user can search by ID. If a user put mouse curser on email list, user name will be shown. Then user can add a user to shared list on the right side by selecting a user and pressing ‘+’ button.
⑶ OK/Cancel:
A user can complete the shared group setting by clicking on ‘OK’ button, or cancel it.
ⓒ Details/Edit :
By using this menu, a user can check the detail information of the shared group and edit it.
[Figure 9. Details/Edit]

Figure 9. Details/Edit

⑴ Group Name/Choose Color :
A user can change group name or its color.
⑵ Description :
A user can change description of the group.
⑶ Share :
A user can share the group with others.
⑷ OK/Cancel :
By clicking on ‘OK’ button, a user can complete the editing. Or he/she can cancel it.
ⓓ Delete Group :
If a user deletes a group, all the schedule belonging to the group will also be deleted.
ⓔ This Group Only :
If a user selects this menu, selected group out of the registered groups will only be shown.
9 Shared Group
In this area, all the group list shared to the user will be shown. If a user selects specific group, the shared schedule of the group will be shown on the calendar.
[Figure 10. Shared Group]

Figure 10. Shared Group