Left-side Menu on the Main Page

1. Left-side Menu on the Main Page

[Figure 1. Left-side Menu on the Main Page]

Figure 1. Left-side Menu on the Main Page

1 View Mail
If user clicks ‘View Mail’ menu, he/she can move to ‘Inbox’ page and read mails received to user's account. User can move to ‘Inbox’ page by clicking Inbox menu in the mail folder as well.
2 Compose Mail
[Figure 2. Compose Mail Menu]

Figure 2. Compose Mail Menu

ⓐ Move to ‘Compose’ Page :
Click ‘Compose’ in order to move to ‘Compose’ page and compose normal mails.
ⓑ Compose Mail in the Pop-up Window :
If user clicks ‘Compose in Pop-up Window’ icon ( 새창쓰기 )on the right side of ‘Compose’, a pop-up window will be opened to allow user to compose mails.
ⓒ To Me :
If user wants to compose a mail to send to himself/herself, click ‘To Me’.
3 Confirmation
Click ‘Confirmation’ menu in order to move to ‘Confirmation’ page. In this page, user can check whether recipients read the sent mail.
If the recipients didn’t read the mail yet, user can delete the sent mail that sent to the internal mail users by clicking ‘Cancel’.
4 Icons
These icons represent the major functions used by user frequently.
Select Important Mails Select Important Mails :
By using this icon, user can search and list the important mails. If user chooses ‘Importance’ option as ‘important’ while he/she composes mail, this mail will be specified as an important mail.
New Mails Only New Mails Only :
This icon allows user to see the unread mails only.
Read Mails Only Read Mails Only :
Read Mails Only:This icon allows user to see the read mails only.
Mails from Myself Only Mails from Myself Only :
This icon allows user to see the mails sent from himself/herself.
Mails with Attachments OnlyMails with Attachments Only :
This icon allows user to see the mails that included attached files.
5 Folder
Figure 3 describes the default folders provided by CrediMail. If user clicks ‘Admin’ button, he/she can move to ‘Folder Management’ page and manage folders.
[Figure 3. Folder]

Figure 3. Folder

ⓐ Inbox :
Inbox saves the received mails. The number of the unread mails will be displayed in a parenthesis next to the Inbox. Click ‘Inbox’ to move to the same page as ‘View Mail’ does.
ⓑ Sent :
When user sends a mail, a copy of this sent mail will be saved in ‘Sent’ folder.
ⓒ Draft :
If user chooses to send a mail later, this mail will be saved in ‘Draft’ folder. While user composes a mail, it will also be saved in this folder every 30 minutes.
ⓓ Spam Filter :
Click ‘Spam’ folder to move to ‘Spam’ page.This folder saves spam mail. If user finds a mail that turned out not to be a spam, he/she can move it to ‘Inbox’ folder by selecting it and clicking ‘Not Spam’ button. ★' 개인필터함 '은 환경설정 – 자동분류 혹은 스팸 메일 관리의 설정에 따라 필터링 되는 메일이 저장되는 편지함으로서 '수신거부해제' 를 선택하여 해당 메일을 받은 편지함으로 이동시켜 스팸으로 처리되지 않게 할 수 있습니다.
'비우기' 버튼 클릭 시 삭제여부를 확인하는 팝업을 통해 '취소' 또는 ' 삭제' 할 수 있으며 '삭제' 선택 시 디스크에서 완전히 삭제되어 복구가 불가능합니다.
ⓔ Trash :
All of deleted mails except mails in the Bills and the Spam folder will be in ‘Trash’ folder.
6 My Folders
Excepting default folder, user can create additional folders by clicking ‘Add’ button. User can move to ‘View Mail’ page of this folder by clicking it.

[Figure 4. My Folders Menu]

Figure 4. My Folders Menu

ⓐ View List of My Folder :
Click ( View List of My Folder ) button on the left side of ‘My Folders’ to spread out the folder list. On the other hand, user can click ( View List of My Folder ) button to fold it.
ⓑ Add My Folder :
When user clicks ‘Add’ button, an input box will be opened. After typing folder name, click ( Add My Folder )button to add a folder that user typed. If user clicks ( close button ) button, this input box will be closed.
ⓒ Edit My Folders :
Click ‘Edit’ button to change the name of folder that user created. This button also allows user to move to ‘Folder Management’ page in ‘Preference’ menu.
7 Shared Folder
[Figure 5. Shared Folder]

Figure 5. Shared Folder

This folder shows the list of folders which other users shared to. It displays the shared user ID (folder name). Click this list to move to the shared folder. User can manage my shared folder by using ‘Folder Management’ in ‘Preference’ menu.
8/ Search Folder on the Left
This feature allows user to search mails saved to the account.

[Figure 6. Search Folder]

Figure 6. Search Folder

ⓐ Search Folder Name :
Type a name of search folder that will be made.
ⓑ Mail Subject :
It searches the subject of the mail.
ⓒ Mail Body :
It searches the body of the mail.
ⓓ From :
It searches the sender of the mail.
ⓔ Attachment File Name :
It searches the attached filename that attached in the mail.
ⓕ Text Body of Attached File :
It searches the body of the attached file that attached in the mail.
ⓖ Folder :
It selects folder that will be searched.
ⓗ Search Date :
It allows user to set a time period that will be searched.
9 Tag
[Figure 7. Tag]

Figure 7. Tag

User can see the list of the tags registered at each mail in the ‘View Mail’ page. If user selects a registered tag, the list of mails that typed related tag will be displayed. Click ‘Edit’ button to move to ‘My Tag’ page in ‘Preference’ menu.
10 Get Mails from External Mail
Click this menu to move to the external mail list that registered in ‘Preference’.
11 Spam
★스팸 필터링 서버에서 걸러진 '스팸요약보기', '개인룰 설정' 기능을 할 수 있습니다. 메일들의 리스트를 보여주는 기능과, 다른 서버에서 정보를 가져오므로 로딩시간이 길수 있습니다. Option for NotificationThis offers two tabs: ‘View Spam-filtered’ and ‘Personal Rule Filter’. In ‘View Spam-filtered’ tab, several spam mails filtered by CrediShield will be shown. Due to the fact that CrediMail collects spam mails from another server, it will take little longer.
12 User Search
Click this menu to move to the page that can be searched users.
[Figure 8. User Search Page]

Figure 8. User Search Page

ⓐ Search Condition :
This allows user to search the internal mail users by ID, Name, or Organization Part.
ⓑ Add Contact Button :
Click this button to open pop-up window, which can add users to ‘Address Book’.