Main_Middle/Right Side

1. Main_Middle/Right Side

[Figure 1. Main Page – Middle/Right Side]

Figure 1. Main Page – Middle/Right Side

1 Disk Usage
This shows folder usage and web folder usage.
[Figure 2. Disk Usage]

Figure 2. Disk Usage

2 Folder Usage
This shows the state of the usage per each folder in the form of the number of new mails, total count, and total usage.
[Figure 3. Folder Usage]

Figure 3. Folder Usage

3 Mail List
In the mail list displayed in the mail page, user can use a part of ‘View Mail’ function such as Compose, Reply, Forward, Delete, Print, Deny, and so on.
4 Board
[Figure 4. Board]

Figure 5. Board

ⓐ GO Button :
This button allows user to move to ‘Board List’, so he/she can read all the published boards.
ⓑ Display List :
In ‘Compose Board’ page, choose ‘Display List’ as ‘Yes’.
ⓒ Notification :
If user chose ‘Display List’ as ‘Yes’ while creating internal notice or Q&A, the title of this board would be displayed.