Send a FAX

1. Enter FAX Information and Send a Fax

Below is a main window of fax service. Using this window, you can send a fax by entering recipient’s fax number and additional information.

[Figure 1. Main Window of Fax Service]

Figure 1. Main Window of Fax Service

1 Add or Delete Recipients
By using ⓐ-'Contact' button, you can add the existing users registered to ‘To’ list. Or you can add a recipient to ‘To’ list by clicking on ‘+’ after entering the recipient’s fax number. On ‘To’ list, you can add a recipient’s fax number, modify it, or delete it by using ‘x’. You can basically add until 10 recipients and send a fax them at a time.
2 Attach Additional Documents
When sending a fax, you can add or delete the files you want to send to. You can send up to five files at a time. Administrator can set file capacity and the number of pages of the file.
3 Schedule Fax Delivery
If you choose ‘Reserve’ from ‘Transport Options’, you can schedule delivery date and time so that your fax will be sent at a scheduled date and time.
4 Send A Fax
After you enter all the necessary information, you may click on ‘Send’ button to deliver a fax.

2. Address Book

To send a fax, you can enter the recipient’s fax number directly, or select the fax number from address book. Registration and management process are the same as email address book. If you click on ⓐ from figure 1(Main Window of Fax Service), below address book page will be shown.

[Figure 2. FAX Address Book and Editing Screen]

Figure 2. FAX Address Book and Editing Screen

1 FAX Address Book1
From this, you can search any registered user by name, email address, or phone number.
2 FAX Address Book2
If you select the users from the address book list and click on ‘OK’ button, you may add new fax number to fax recipient’s list.
3 Edit Contact
If you click on ‘Edit Contact’ button for the selected users, you can edit the address book through ‘Modify Address Book’ page.

3. FAX Delivery Confirmation

In this window, you can add the frequently used contacts.

[Figure 3. FAX Delivery Confirmation Window]

Figure 3. FAX Delivery Confirmation Window


1 Add Contact
If you click on ‘Add Contact’ button after selecting the recipient’s fax number from the window, you can add the user to address book.